Within the framework of Future Blockchain Summit 2021, OMANEE Group is honored to be the co-sponsor of the program, contributing to promoting technology, identity, and Asian pride to friends in the UAE region in particular and internationally in general.

Launched in 2018 by Dubai Government,  Future Blockchain Summit 2021 is the first and largest Blockchain conference and exhibition in the MENA region, bringing together the brightest minds in the community, startups or entrepreneurs who are changing the game in technology since the birth of the Internet and Blockchain.

This is one of the largest annual events on technology, finance, economy, investment, education, politics, and diplomacy in the UAE region, which will last for 4 days, from October 17 – October 20, 2021 at Dubai World Trade Center (Dubai World Trade Center). This is not only an important event in promoting and investing in technology and economic development on a global scale, but also an opportunity for businesses and companies to promote their images, exhibit technology products and solutions, exchange business ideas and develop businesses. More specifically, this is an opportunity to find partners for cooperation and investment in the field of technology, especially Blockchain and Crypto.

The world’s leading blockchain companies and influential minds will demonstrate the real and transformative power of Blockchain technology in various fields. Experience first-hand through three main themes that will be unraveled at exhibitions, conferences, seminars, investor programs, and Hackathons:

  1. Blockchain in Finance includes Defi, digital currency, CBDC;
  2. Blockchain as an alternative investment including Cryptocurrency & NFT investment,
  3. Blockchain beyond cryptocurrency includes usage applications and integration options applicable across all industry sectors.

Future Blockchain Summit will also be co-located alongside 5 other tech shows coming together to shape the world’s tech industry: 

  • GITEX Technology Week , 
  • Ai Everything,  
  • GITEX Futures Stars , 
  • Fintech Surge and Marketing Mania

Coming to the event, OMANEE Group will participate in the following three projects:

  • Blockchain Platform: Welups Blockchain
  • Identity technology solution: IDShare
  • Application ecosystem: Dr.NEE

OMANEE will have a 45-minute presentation in front of audiences and delegations from all over the world about the group’s projects, solutions, and vision for the coming years and other explosive projects such as Moongle, Dr.NEE – NFT Games and other interesting projects. We are very pleased that Mr. Jake Nguyen, CTO of OMANEE Corp. will be the speaker at this Future Blockchain Summit 2021.

With years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge, Jake Nguyen believes that Data-Driven, AR & VR, Blockchain will be the key to open up a new digital and IT era in the near future. Especially at this event, he will mention the importance of Digital ID and the new Blockchain Platform – Welups, and the Dr.NEE project – Identity 4.0 social network application from OMANEE corporation. 

Joining OMANEE at the exhibition, everyone can interact with talented leaders, entrepreneurs, creators and famous speakers from around the world. Besides, participants also have the opportunity to cooperate with many companies from UAE and other countries around the world such as Asia, Africa, EU.

In addition, the conference also features presentations, music, shows, fire shows, magic tricks, AI technology techniques, sound and light with modern technology, participation in business meetings according to each specific area.

Through this Future Blockchain Summit, OMANEE firmly believes that the Group will extend its journey of investment, expansion, and development of technology projects. Not only that, OMANEE promises to make breakthroughs in the use of technology, change the payment and transaction methods of users, move towards a cashless world and make IT and Blockchain technology possible to be simple and easy for everyone around the world. In turn, these new movements will boost OMANEE’s competitiveness, support globalization and conquer the Asian market and move towards a global reach.

OMANEE will constantly develop its “One Asia Without Borders” strategy. This strategy is not far away because OMANEE can leverage the digital revolution and Blockchain to create applications that connect digital citizens around the world.

OMANEE accepts challenges to improve and develop its goals. Globalization is the only way for OMANEE to build its strength and strive to be a global corporation.

That’s why we are always present in major cities around the world such as Singapore, Hongkong, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mumbai, Dubai, Ho Chi Minh, and many other cities in the Asia-Pacific.

Join OMANEE to Future Blockchain Summit 2021 to discover a new world with breakthroughs in human development.

With OMANEE, make the impossible possible!

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