Blockchain is currently one of the most concerning technologies in recent years. Blockchain technology has the potential to drive major changes and create new opportunities across industries – from banking and network security to intellectual property and healthcare. After a long time of researching and applying this technology to products and services, Omanee – a multinational corporation specializing in Finance and Investment is developing solutions where blockchain comes to life.

With a belief that blockchain technology will transform the world in the coming years, similar to what the Internet did in the 90s and early 2000s, blockchain is determined to be the technology that Omanee pursue to make life better. But it doesn’t stop here, Omanee are ambitious to create a hub where networking can take place from regional to international level.

To actualize this goal, Future Blockchain Summit 2021 is the first destination for Omanee’s conquest journey. This is the first and largest Blockchain exhibition and conference in the MENA region, gathering the community’s brightest minds, most game-changing startups and powerful investors for 4 days of networking, investing and education centered around the most disruptive technology since the innovation of the Internet  – Blockchain.

Omanee grabbed this opportunity to share and discuss the ultimate and transformative power of Blockchain technology in different sectors from world-leading blockchain companies and influential minds. Mr. Nis – representative of Omanee Corp took an opportunity to have a discussion  with Changpeng Zhao – Founder of Binance, and be interviewed with Ola Blockchain Lab from Italy, Academic News and Blog for young students and professions around EU and Italy.

1. Quick Meeting with Changpeng Zhao – Founder of Binance

Recognised in the “Bloomberg 50” as one of the most influential people in the world in 2020, Founder & CEO of Binance is one of the definitive stakeholders in global cryptocurrency. With a background of developing software for Bloomberg’s futures trading on Wall Street, Changpeng Zhao, known as CZ, launched Binance in July 2017 and within 180 days this cryptocurrency exchange turned  into the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

Mr. Nis had a quick chat and learned from him about the speed and size at which he believes the global crypto market is able to grow at Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai. Besides that, they also talk about the cryptocurrency market in the Covid-19 epidemic situation, including its restraint, opportunity and challenge.

2. Dr.NEE at an interview with Ola Blockchain Lab

Along with Omanee, Dr.NEE application also had the opportunity to be introduced through an interview with Ola Blockchain Lab, an Italian blockchain-based development and operation company. Dr.NEE is a project that provides users with the great experience of an integrated social networking and chat application with identity verification, where users can earn money by chatting, referring friends and joining communities on Dr.NEE app.

Whether an individual user or a business, identity verification is always a top priority to avoid impersonation and fraud problems. In particular, the identification process of Dr.NEE is carried out on the IDShare platform, which is absolutely secure and safe thanks to blockchain technology. A defined account will be used for all apps, wallets, exchanges and all other products of the IDShare ecosystem.” Mr. Nis said in the interview.

Omanee will be constantly developing and offering the best technology applications based on blockchain, creating a “key” for digital transformation and building a future information technology platform in the revolutionary wave – Industry 4.0.

Let’s accompany Omanee to build a hub where networking can take place from regional to international level.

And don’t forget to follow our news in the upcoming event – “Outside The Block” this December.

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