NEENote – A Project By OMANEE Corporation

I. What Is NEENote?

  • NEENOTE is a project developed by OMANEE Corporation. It’s aimed at creating a new payment foundation to substitute digital assets by issuing NEE, a cryptocurrency.
  • This is a simple solution for transactions, trading, and exchanging. It shortens the time, distance in global payment which makes transactions more transparent and convenient.
  • NEENOTE creates a foundation, environment for businesses from all over the world to issue digital shares, raise funds for startups, and encode real estate properties / digital properties for easier transactions.
  • NEENOTE offers a solution for payment, asset liquidation by connecting to NEEBANK, a digital bank.

II. What Is NEE?

  • NEE is a coin used in the OMANEE ecosystem
  • NEE is traded on NEEX – Cryptocurrency exchange.
  • NEE is applied in the financial ecosystem NEEBank – the digital bank
  • NEE is the platform for the issuance of new tokens on NEECHAIN – an ecosystem of block-chain.

“Just like the Internet, Blockchain would change the world in the 21st century”

A blockchain ecosystem includes applications for businesses and third-party partners who want to develop technology products with blockchain.
With NEECHAIN platform:

  • It creates BIG DATA for digital authentication
  • It simplifies the process for businesses when using blockchain
  • It’s safe and secured for sharing personal information

III. How Is NEE Issued?

• TIME: 29/06/2020 – 28/02/2021

• Price: $0.006 – $0.015

• Promotion : 10 – 30%

• IEO on exchange trading:

Watch the video below for summary all about NEENOTE!

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