Binance Exchange Will Officially Launch NFT Marketplace Platform Today (June 24)

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance will officially launch its NFT Marketplace platform today (June 24) with a unique digital art auction event.

Event content includes:

  • The Binance NFT marketplace launches this Thursday, June 24
  • The first “Premium Event” auction, titled ‘Genesis’, will feature newly digitized NFT artwork from Salvador Dali and a tribute to Andy Warhol’s original works. 
  • Explore artwork from the “100 Creators” program, which features NFT content from regional talents. 
  • Unbox rare ‘tokidoki’ characters as part of Binance NFT’s mystery box offerings, plus win limited edition NFTs just for signing up! 

In celebration of the launch of NFT Marketplace, the NFT marketplace developed by Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange will hold an auction called “Genesis”, with the focus being “Three”. Self-Portraits” by “monster” of the world painting village Andy Warhol, as well as “Divine Comedy: rebeget” by Spanish painter Salvador Dali. The Genesis auction will start at 09:00 AM on June 24, 2021 (Vietnam time), and will last for 5 days.

Legendary artists. Revolutionary art. Inside the extraordinary ‘Genesis’ collection. 

Three Self-Portraits by Andy Warhol 
The 3 portraits series are Nirvana, Vitality and Harmony.

“Three Self-Portraits” is a trilogy of self-portraits by artist Andy Warhol made in 1986, who pioneered the Pop Art school of the second half of the twentieth century. “Three Self-Portraits” exemplifies the silkscreen technique adopted by Warhol to allow easy reproduction of brushstrokes, creating three portraits of the artist under different color angles. Andy Warhol is considered to have contributed significantly to helping bring visual art to the public, especially the current Generation X and Millennials, who have built the Internet, ushering in the new era. digital resources as well as blockchain. A total of 100 NFTs will be generated, the winner will also receive an actual printout.

Divine Comedy: rebeget by Salvador Dali 
The Divine Comedy NFT featuring the bitcoin symbol

Meanwhile, “Divine Comedy: rebeget” is a work created by artist Salvador Dali in 1965 at the request of the Spanish government to celebrate the 700th birthday of the great poet Dante Alighieri. Incidentally, this year 2021 will mark the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death. The Divine Comedy NFT version of Binance will contain many special elements to help increase the uniqueness of the picture, including the Bitcoin symbol, the Binance logo and the signature of founder Changpeng Zhao (CZ).

Unboxing mystery NFTs: Unlock special ‘tokidoki’ x Binance NFT mystery boxes
NFTs tokidoki in Mystery Box

Not stopping there, the auction will also include NFTs “Mystery Box” – “secret box”. Each secret box will include an NFT, with random rarity and nature. The first Mystery Box collection will include 16 characters from the Japanese “tokidoki” franchise. Mystery Boxes will be on sale from 07:00 PM on June 24, 2021 (Vietnam time).

Explore new perspectives with NFT content from Binance’s “100 Creators” program 

Binance’s NFT Marketplace platform also introduces the “100 Creators” program, which includes 100 artists selected by the exchange to create art products for users. Only these artists will be granted permission to offer NFT on Binance’s platform in the weeks following the launch.

The notice of the floor reads:

“NFT technology has revolutionized the art world, realizing the concept of digital ownership. The Genesis auction will once again confirm this meaning and present to the public the digital versions of two works that represent the changing winds of each period in which they appear.”

According to Binance, the purpose of the auction is to bring about a “new renaissance for the NFT sector.” The auction’s name Genesis means “Origin”, which is commonly used to refer to the first blocks generated by blockchains. It can be seen that Binance places a lot of hope on its NFT platform that will restore the crypto community’s interest in NFT.

Immediately after Binance’s NFT Marketplace construction announcement in April, many other exchanges such as Huobi and FTX also followed, launching their own NFT projects.

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