Basic Information of USDex and NEE

  • NEE and USDex are two money circulated in the digital banking system NEEBank
  • The purpose of issuing NEE and USDex
  • Exchange policy of NEE and USDex

NEE and USDex are two currencies circulated in the digital banking system NEEBank

Digital bank NEEBank defines the USDex digital money as the main money, and is an intermediary asset used in all services such as deposit, money transfer, transactions, payment, remittances, etc. At the same time, the NEE cryptocurrency is also accepted in the system of NEEBank.

The value of USDex is always 1 USDex = 1 USD and it can be exchanged with the same foreign exchange rate as USD. Traditional banking systems often convert between currency pairs like USD/EUR, USD/JPY. USD/CHF, USD/RMB, etc. With digital bank NEEBank, customers can also convert between the same currency pairs but with USDex is the intermediate digital currency USDex/EUR, USDex/JPY , USDex/CHF, USD/RMB, etc.

In addition, USDex also cooperates with the world of cryptocurrencies to meet the needs of cryptocurrency transactions of many subjects. For example, you can exchange between USDex and BTC, ETH, NEE and so on.

The purpose of issuing NEE and USDex

The trend of the future world is a cashless world, so NEEBank did not hide its ambition from the beginning to make USDex digital currency instead of USD.

With a constant value, always equal to the value of the USD, USDex has a stable nature suitable for all transactions and payments in the banking system.

If USDex price is stable (1 USDex = 1 USD), NEE price is always changing. Issuing on IEO model in the initial period, and later being listed on the exchange, the long-term value of NEE will be decided by the market. This means that NEE can be considered as a currency in transactions and an investment channel for customers to have one more choice.

Exchange policy of USDex & NEE

Customers can deposit into NEEBank in USDex or NEE. If using USDex to deposit, the customer will receive USDex interest, and will be refunded the original after 12 months. Similarly, deposit NEE will receive NEE interest.

The point is that only USDex can withdraw cash, for investor who own NEE want to exchange cash, NEEBank will accept to covert NEE to USDex for cash.

policy for using USDex & NEE
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