🔊 LIVESTREAM – Introduction To IDBank Ecosystem 🔊

🔊 LIVESTREAM – Introduction To IDBank Ecosystem 🔊

🌐 IDBank is the world’s first ecosystem that integrates wallets in a financial management system. This ecosystem is currently receiving a lot of attention from investors not only in Vietnam but also in the world market. Therefore, to help the community better understand this ecosystem, we will have a Livestream to introduce IDBank and guide how to use IDBank central wallet and other wallets belonging to other projects in the ecosystem.

The Livestream will be held with the following information:
Organization form:
Visit Dr.NEE’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/drnee.net)
Or join with the following Link meeting:
ID: 9141 3470 015

✅Start time: 05:00 PM, October 10th 2021 (Dubai time, GMT+4)
✅Language: ENGLISH

Meet with senior leaders from Omanee Corp.
🗣Mr. Wind Nguyen – Omanee Growth Manager
🗣Ms. Moon – Omanee Project Manager
Accompanying 2 guests will be familiar faces
🗣Ms. Sam Villanueva – Host

🎁 10 Rewards totaling 50,000 Wel are waiting for you:
Top 5 questions in the livestream
and 5 best questions from the community (ask a question at the link 👉 https://forms.gle/BTCWaTg2HTHtKY1c9)

💥Reward conditions:
Share the livestream on personal and group facebook with the hashtag #omanee #IDBank #IDBankecosystem #technology #drnee #idbank #idshare #Neebank #welups #potential

Stay tuned and watch the Livestream with Dr.NEE!

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